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Lost A Loved One In A Tragic Accident? We Can Help You Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim.

When reckless or negligent actions have the catastrophic consequence of a loss of life, the decedent’s loved ones deserve justice for their loss. However, losing a loved one takes more than just an emotional toll on a family. When a breadwinner of a family dies unexpectedly in an accident, the family members are left without the monetary resources to cover daily expenses.

At Armand & Dieguez, P.A., our Florida lawyers can help. In a wrongful death lawsuit, we help family members pursue compensation to pay for a myriad of expenses including the following:

  • Future lost income
  • Retirement contributions
  • Health care benefits

Members could also potentially recover for loss of consortium or pain and suffering.

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Our attorney have the skill and experience to fight for what you deserve. We have helped other families who have lost loved ones in auto accidents and other tragic incidents. Let us help you.

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