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How negligence in hospitals can lead to birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Hospital negligence

When parents prepare for the birth of a child, they naturally turn to and trust the medical facility handling the logistics of the delivery. They trust that their baby will be delivered happy and healthy.

However, in reality, hospitals can and do make mistakes. Negligence can occur during any step of the pregnancy and birthing process. While it is not the norm, it is crucial for parents to understand how negligence in the hospital setting can potentially lead to birth injuries for the mother or baby.

Negligence during pregnancy

Medical professionals have an obligation to diagnose conditions that may harm a developing child or the mother as early as possible. Failing to do so can be grounds for a negligence claim. Prescribing medication to a pregnant mother that ultimately causes harm to her or her child could also be grounds for a negligence claim.

Negligence during childbirth

Carelessness during the actual delivery of a baby, such as exerting too much force when pulling or twisting the baby, can also be an act of negligence. Other examples that can lead to long-term injuries or even death include the failure to perform a C-section when necessary or misuse of birthing tools.

Medical care surrounding the prenatal development or birth of a child is a very sensitive matter with no room for mistakes. Mothers or fathers whose baby has suffered injury due to medical carelessness should know they have rights under the law.