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What you need to know about third-party workplace claims

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Third-party workplace injury claims

If you recently sustained an injury on the job, you likely have many questions about how you will pay the bills during your recovery period.

In most instances, Florida workers’ compensation comes into play. However, you may also be able to receive compensation through a third-party workplace claim if you believe someone other than a coworker or your employer is responsible for your injuries.

What is a third-party workplace claim?

Unlike a workers’ compensation claim filed against an employer, a third-party workplace claim allows for recovery when someone, such as an outside company, is at-fault for your accident. You can either file a claim with the third party’s insurance company or pursue litigation for damages.

How does it differ from workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation only covers medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. A third-party claim, however, allows you to seek damages for other issues related to your injuries not fully covered by workers’ comp, such as the impact on your quality of life.

What are some examples of third-party workplace injury claims?

Third-party workplace injury claims come in all shapes and sizes, but here are some scenarios when a third-party claim may come into play:

  • An employer provided you with new equipment that appeared to be structurally sound. Through no fault of the employer, the equipment broke and led to your injury.
  • A drunk driver hit your delivery vehicle while you were delivering packages, causing you to suffer a severe head injury.
  • An angry patron physically attacked you while you were providing door security at a club, leaving you with broken bones and unable to work.

For questions about individual circumstances, reaching out to an attorney with knowledge in both workers’ compensation law and personal injury is advised.